C&P Connections between Raskolnikov, Dostoyevsky, and Nietzsche

In the novel Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky introduces Raskolnikov with similar characteristics that resemble himself. For instance, both men are Russian-born and poor. Dostoyevsky was diagnosed with epilepsy and Raskolnikov suffered from delirium and chronic unconsciousness because of guilt. Another unpleasant similarity they share is addiction; Dostoyevsky was a gambling addict while Raskolnikov had a drinking problem. One personality trait the two do not share is isolation. Throughout the novel, Raskolnikov pushes people away from him whereas Dostoyevsky was involved in the Petrashevsky circle and the Betekov circle (for financial help). 

Dostoyevsky uses Friedrich Nietzsche’s superman and will to power philosophies in his novel. Raskolnikov displays the superman philosophy  by believing he was better than everybody, above the law, and could easily get away with murder. The will to power philosophy was introduced when Mr Luzhin states “Love yourself before all others, for everything in the world is founded upon self-interest.” In other words, unless one’s life is improved or able to be saved from death, no action will be taken. 


2 thoughts on “C&P Connections between Raskolnikov, Dostoyevsky, and Nietzsche

  1. Glow:
    I like how you used a quote from the novel to connect to nietzche’s philosophy of will power. I also like the way in which you described the similarities and differences among Raskolnikov and Dostoyevsky because you used good analysis in doing so.

    Grow: You maybe could have put what you thought about the book or why you think Dostoyevsky put so much of himself int Raskolnikov, but all in all you did a great blog.

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