Morality Test and class discussion

It is rare that I find a topic that remotely affects me emotionally, let alone logically and ethically. There are brief moments where I have pondered whether my decisions were right or wrong, but never have I ever had to share these thoughts publicly and risk judgement; so thank you Mr. B.

After our class discussion on morality, I have warmed up to Anna and Natalie’s idea of its nonexistence. How could there be universal morals if everyone believes in different things? Personally, I think intentional murder is an example to this concept only because everybody’s life is worth the same. If titles, money, friends, power, etc. are stripped we are all humans; hence, who has the right to take another life? In Crime and Punishment Raskolnikov takes it upon himself to kill Alyona because he thought she was an evil woman and a leech in society. No one is perfect. We have all done good and bad but by whose judgement are we condemned?

I enjoyed this topic very much because it encouraged myself to question my beliefs and actions. It is very unnerving to realize what you are taught, good and bad, could be wrong, gray. Knowing more about Socrates idea of logos, ethos, and pathos I will try harder to find the origin of my opinions. One opinion that changed for me is abortion. I am a practicing catholic who accepts abortion if vital, yet I furiously condemned intentional murder in class…just something to think about.


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