My Epilogue of Crime and Punishment


So today we had to finish Crime and Punishment and I am so relieved because it’s over. This book was so long and unreasonably long and drawn out it could’ve been a nice simple 300 page book where Raskolnikov commits the crime, he feels guilty, gives himself away, then suffers the consequences in Siberia. However, the book as a whole was pretty good. I enjoyed the story in the fact that we incorporated psychology and psychological theories but still the book was way too long.

Now the ending itself was pretty lame. I think it’s because Daisha and Bri had their project where they kind of told everybody the resolution of the novel. I wish there wasn’t so much talking involved and it got straight to the point. Of all the characters in the book, I loathed Svidrigailov the most because he could not get the hint that Dunya did not love him. And for some stupid reason, it took a gunshot to the side of the head to wake him up and realize she did NOT love him! (This reminds me of Bella in Twilight and her ridiculous depression and obsession for a single person.)Then he is a major pedophile for having a 16-year-old fiancé and nightmares involving young girls committing suicide. I am very happy he committed suicide.

I feel bad for Raskolnikov. I’m happy that he has somebody that understands him and loves him for who he is even though he killed two people. I despised his pride which continued to consume him to the point that he was ill. Yeah about that, why did that Dostoyevsky decide to kill the mom and make everybody ill all of a sudden I didn’t understand the point of that. I am sorry this blog was unusually opinionated but I decided the best way to get my true feelings about the novel was to verbally say it out loud and record it. I’m excited about our next book…no sarcasm there!!!


2 thoughts on “My Epilogue of Crime and Punishment

  1. I agree with you so much. Book is way too many pages, it could have been shorter but I guess most of the stuff was necessary. Yeah when Daisha did her presentation I was just like, uhh thanks, wasn’t really done with book yet, but now I know, kinda had this idea while reading just like “what’s point I know what happens now” but still had to read. The ending was lame also, totally agree, maybe it was the way it was written, but I did like how they made it like a rebirth thing cause it was “the new Rask”. Yeah when Svid killed himself I was like, man why you do that, you were cool bruh, but he did.

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