The THS Version of The Laramie “Pretty Ridiculous Or Just Expected Class Topics”

So before I even start writing on what I took away from the project, I want to draw your attention to the title. A couple people in class got annoyed when people said “The Laramie Project Project,” so to keep the peace I decided to play both sides. If you are smart and creative you would have seen that I wrote The THS Version of The Laramie PROJECT but added a couple words that actually relate to our class in general and what I plan on discussing later on!

I think the best place to beginning is my project. The beautiful Natalie and I interviewed individuals about interracial relationships between African Americans and Caucasians. Thinking of the people in Tucker, I expected black and white relationships to be acceptable by the majority and our research advocates my prediction. We only had one individual who condemned such relationships and she lived outside of Tucker in the country. I was actually hoping for more people to be against interracial relationships because I thought it would make the project more entertaining and controversial. (Admit it, who does not like controversy?) From my project, the most interesting thing I realized was how difficult imitating a person was. It is not merely their words but the tone in which they say it. Not only does the person have a stance, but you have to copy their body language. Even when I acted as my own family, whom I have known for seventeen years, I had to fix myself and start over because I did not feel like I was presenting them well enough.

Now, the other projects. I believe by Monday, I was seriously wondering, Why are there so many interviews on love? Is it a young adult thing that consumes us and unconsciously found its way in our project designs or is it a minuscule coincidence? Either way I am happy there was some variation in the answers given. For example, Anna and Laura were able to find a person in the Tucker community, Mr. Venkatesh, who did not believe in interracial relationships and Mary and Naima revealed conflicting views on the acceptance of teenage love.

The two projects I really want to dive into are Megen and Mikaela’s IB to the outside world interview and the emphasis on football interview by Huy and Nicholas. In my opinion, both interview topics were expected; however, the replies they received were not. As IB students I think it is natural for us to wonder how others perceive us since we took on the challenge of a more rigorous course load and a reduction in our social lives. Anyway, when students started commenting on how stuck up IB students were, I got offended. (Then I really sat and thought about it and I realized we were to some extent, but they do not need to know that.) During the football interview, which I was a part of, I was very surprised that the coach and Mr. Jackson denied the special interest in the football program, when it was clear to EVERYONE else. I mean, really?! The saddest thing though was the fact that no one, except for me, in the interview really challenged the “tradition.” If you see injustice, is it not your duty to change it?

Overall I really liked the project. Thank you Mr. B for assigning it in the first place and thank you class for voting Natalie and I with the best project!


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