Typical Hero’s Journey: Ree

1. THE WORLD OF COMMON DAY: Ree is a poverty stricken sixteen year old whom takes care of her mentally ill mother and two younger brothers in the constant absence of her father. The story’s setting is the Ozarks area in the middle of winter. (Pgs.1-8)

2. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: Deputy Baskin informs Ree that if her father does not show up to court the following week the authorities will take ownership of his bond payment, the house, leaving Ree and her family homeless. (14)

3. REFUSAL OF THE CALL: Does not occur.

4. MEETING WITH THE MENTOR: Ree meets with Uncle Teardrop who warns her to not go asking around in Hawkfall. (25)

5. CROSSING THE FIRST THRESHOLD: Ree goes to the Hawkfall valley anyway to ask Megan and Little Arthur about the whereabouts of her father and finds nothing useful. (52-56)

6. TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES: On the hill of Hawkfall, Thump Milton refuses to see Ree so the Mrs. Thump must deal with her and discourage her questions about her father. (59-61)

7. APPROACH TO THE INMOST CAVE: Blond Milton takes Ree to the burned down crank house which is supposedly the last place Blond Milton saw Jessup. (76)

8. THE SUPREME ORDEAL: Ree is severely beaten by Mrs. Thump and her two sisters when Ree decides to try talking to Thump Milton again. She is rescued by Uncle Teardrop from the entire Milton family. (129-137)

9. REWARD – SEIZING THE PRIZE: The Milton women come to Ree’s rescue and take her to her father’s location. (179)

10. THE ROAD BACK: Ree has to cut off the hands of her father to prove his death because his body is submerged underwater with an engine block tied to his leg. She sees the consequences of irritating the Milton family. (184-186)

11. THRESHOLD CROSSING – “RESURRECTION”: Ree turns in the hands of her father to Deputy Baskin and is able to keep the house. She says, “Dad’s hands brought sorrow and a blessing.” (187)

12. RETURN WITH ELIXIR – “FREEDOM TO LIVE”: Ree gains knowledge that one can survive the Ozark area and the many families that reside there. She plans to use the excess money to buy a car so she and family can escape the deadly cycle of family name expectations. (193)


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