Is it a beautiful mind?

Three weeks ago, my volleyball team and I watched a movie called “A Beautiful Mind” staring Russell Crowe. In the first hour to hour and a half, I watched the main character, John Nash, struggle socially and academically at Princeton during the 1940s. He became a well known and highly gifted mathematician and eventually attracted the CIA’s attention as a prominent code breaker against the Soviet Union. His gets married and his life is looking up. Then the bomb drops! Nash is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and the majority of the first half of the movie was made up in his mind. The movie became more confusing as Nash and the audience tried to battle and identify reality from illusion; especially when it seemed like there was some sort of conspiracy against him and he was telling the truth the whole time. Initially, I gave up on the movie and left the room because I was extremely frustrated, confused, and brain dead. Looking back, I am actually disappointed that I gave up. However, I continued to think about the outcome of his illness and I finally watched the end of the movie last weekend. The director revealed that in fact, Nash was living with un diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia for years. I looked up a synopsis and learned that the movie was based on a true story and thought how incredible it is to be dead positive in something you know and turn out to be totally wrong. Overall, I thought it was a very interesting movie that made me experience several emotions. I highly recommend this film, but advise you have an open mind.


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