INTRODUCING… the legendary William Blake

On November 28, 1757 the Blake family welcomed a future poet, painter, and printmaker. Raised in Soho, London of Great Britain, William Blake enjoyed his schooling at home while attending classes in drawing. He married a woman named Catherine and taught her how to read and write; however, they never managed to have a child. Praised for his Romantic works with paint and ink, Blake was greatly influenced by the Bible and the teachings of his dissenting parents. Throughout his childhood, he recalled having visions that focused on God, and once, a tree of angels. As an adult, Blake continued to express his ideas and support for movements via his poems and artwork. He rejected orthodox Christianity due to its suppression of humanly desires and misinterpretation of the body and soul’s relationship. Blake supported racial and sexual equality and a movement that advocated all sexuality and practices, or “free love.” Initially ignored, Blake’s works gained acknowledgement in the early-mid 1900’s and influenced many Modernist period artist, classical composers, and poets from the counterculture of the 1960’s.


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