My PRACTICE Annotation

Dirse, Zoe. “Gender in Cinematography: Female Gaze (Eye) behind the Camera.” Journal of Research in Gender Studies. Vol. 3. (2013) ProQuest Central. 15-29. Web. 10 Jul 2013

As a professor at the Theatre School of Ryerson University and a professional cinematographer,  Zoe Dirse dives into the world of the film industry and the lack of representation of women within it in her article, “Gender in Cinematography: Female Gaze (Eye) behind the Camera.” She hopes to introduce film theory students to the meanings of the female vision; as well as, inform them of the affect of the masculine driven industry on women. Dirse analyzes the techniques of well known female filmmakers like Alice Guy Blache and even supports her claim with her own works and the techniques used. As for informing the audience, she shares how the “male gaze” is a product of the increase of employed “white middleclass male…with access to education or contacts within the industry” (Dirse, 3). In addition, when women do direct films they are usually feminist in theme like the passion of a lesbian couple or the projected raw perspective of an abused women – revealing the years of women being “relegated to absence, silence and marginality” (Dirse, 2). Dirse’s investigation is valuable because it provides the perspective of several known female cinematographers on the lack of women in the industry as well as her own.